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Mandarin Bible Hour Starts This Week


林 彬 牧師 敬邀

The 2013 schedule for newly developed Mandarin Bible Talk Hour has been released. In 2013, we will meet once a month, on the second Sunday of the month, starting at 430pm. For 2014 we will expand to include more meetings a month until we are meeting weekly to discuss and sing praise songs entirely in Mandarin Chinese.

This service is aimed at reaching Mandarin speaking individuals and those interested in working with native Chinese and improving their biblical Mandarin. The schedule is as follows:

2013 Schedule
1st Meeting: September 8, 2013 Topic: “Is There A God? 宇宙間有神嗎?”
2nd Meeting: October 13, 2013 topic: “ True God and False god 真神與假神.
3rd Meeting: November 10, 2013 topic: “ Is Bible the Word of God? 聖經是神的話語嗎? “
4th Meeting: December 8, 2013 topic: “ Who Jesus Really Is ? 耶穌到底是誰?”