Monthly Archives: October 2013

ChurchWide Retreat Nov 22-23

Church wide retreat has been scheduled and booked at Tulakogee Retreat Center on November 22-23. We will go on a Friday evening, stay overnight, have meals together prepared by the retreat center, fellowship, learn, play games, and worship together, returning on Saturday evening. Scholarships are available for those members needing financial assistance. Book your bed at New TIBC’s 2013 church retreat ASAP!

Adult: $30, Student: $20, Child: $10
Covers lodging and 3 meals starting with dinner Friday at 6pm

Church Retreat and Holiday Schedule

Church wide retreat scheduled for November 22nd and 23rd. We will go to an offsite location on a Friday and stay overnight returning on Saturday evening.

Friday November 29th Thanksgiving dinner.

Next church business meeting 12/15

December 22nd Christmas evening service.

New Year’s Day fellowship at Stringers house.

Is Sunday School supposed to be this much fun?

Sunday School is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and today is no exception. During class we watched a travel video on Ancient Rome to kickoff our study of Romans. It’s been 4 years since I’ve visited Rome, and this video makes me want to visit again, especially after our discussion about the book of Romans. Maybe at the conclusion of our Romans study we can have a group extended Sunday School field trip? 😉 Better start putting in vacation time for 2014… ~ Jason Ting