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New TIBC 1st Annual Fall Retreat

Photos and Activities from our Fall Retreat 11/22-11/23

We have arrived!





Having some fun


it’s a beautiful morning


Team 2 had a great comedic presentation but didn’t sway enough votes to win the popular vote.

Team 3 won the chopstick run earning the right to force team 1 into a song and dance.

Team 1 lost in the chopstick run but won the church planning and building game, getting the last laugh.

In the end, everyone from TIBC went home winners as we enjoyed sharing in song, dance, laughter, group prayer, and fellowship. On the way home, we swung through Oklahoma Amish country for some home cooking.


Pastor Ted leading “Why Join a Church” 4 Part Mini-Series

11/3/13 Does Church’s Doctrine Matter?
11/10/13 Does Church’s Character and Culture Matter?
11/17/13 Does Church’s Membership Matter?
11/24/13 Does Church’s Leadership and Structure Matter?

I. What should a church do? Gal 5:22-23
II. How should a church believe? Gal 1:6-9
III. How should a church worship? John 4:24 and Mark 7:6-7
IV. How should a church live together as a Body of Christ?

11/17/13 Does Church’s Membership Matter?

11/24/13 Does Church’s Leadership and Structure Matter?

What it means to be a member of TIBC?
I. Why Membership? Acts 2:41
By baptism, by statement/testimony, by letter of transfer
Termination by self, termination by church body
II. Responsibilities and Duties of Membership: (Members) 1 Cor 12:12-14
Members: Accountable to each other: Church Attendance, Pray for each other
III. Responsibilities and Duties of Congregation as a whole:
1. Ensure Sunday preaching is Proper faith based
2. Ensure practice of baptism and Lords Supper
3. Practice Church Discipline
4. Practice Church Stewardship
5. Ensure church is mission minded
IV. Rights and Privileges of Membership:
Right to attend all church sponsored fellowship and activities
Right to serve
Right to Vote

11/24/13 Does Church’s Leadership and Structure Matter?

Matthew 16:18-19
I. Local vs Universal Church
II. What is a Congregational Church?
III. Leadership in a Congregational Church.
1. Three Styles of Church Leadership
– Individual Lead/Senior Pastoral Leadership
– Plural Eldership Lead and Guide the church
– Congregation responsibility as the final court
2. The issues significant to the congregation
-must know true beliefs and verify teaching, preaching and membership is according to those beliefs
– right to admit and dismiss church membership
– right to call a pastor
– right to determine church property location

IV. Understanding the Baptism and Lord’s Supper
1. Immersion Baptism
-following the example of Jesus Christ
-public announcement identifying Jesus as savior, similar to wedding
-as a witness to others
2. Symbolic Lord’s Supper
-New Testament parallel to OT Passover
-3 types of Sharing Communion-Only for Member, Open to Everyone(believer or non-believer), open to those of same beliefs.
–Jesus did it symbolically not figuratively
–Difference in Catholic and Presbyterian Communion compared to ours.

Conclusion: importance to pray for Church leaders, “above reproach”