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Pastor Ted starting Sermon Series in February in book of James

Pastor Ted starting Sermon Series in book of James.

TiBC is still praising and worshipping today even though the snow is falling. Pure white blessings are falling upon us here at Tulsa International. Service is still going on and Pastor Ted giving a great message on Trials and Temptations as first part of seven week series in book of James.


2/02/2014   Part 1  


Trials and Temptations試煉試探

James 1:1-18



2/09/2014   Part 2

Preaching God’s Word and Doing God’s Word  聼道與行道

James 1:19-25




2/16/2014   Part 3

True Religious and Favoritism虔誠與待人

James 1:26-2:13





2/23/2014   Part 4

Good Deed Is Initiated by True Faith信心與行為

James 2:14-26



3/02/2014   Part 5

Speak the Truth with God’s Wisdom  智慧的話語

James 3:1-18



3/09/2014   Part 6

True Faith Is Demonstrated By Moral Conduct道德來自真信仰

James 4:1-5:12








3/23/2014   Part 7

Prayer: A significant Part of  Christian Life禱告是信徒生活的支柱

James 5:13-20