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Free Medical Consult Services to be offered regularly at TIBC starting Jan 11 2015

Members can receive free medical consult services once a month from 1-2pm. A team of registered nurses and a local family practice physician, Dr. Candy Ting will provide basic medical consult services including but not limited to general health checkup, prescriptions for needed ailments, and diabetic screening. Services may be expanded depending on need. The first date for this free clinic will be January 11th 2015.


This ministry will work in conjunction with our partnership with Children of Promise and the Parents Night Out Ministry. This ministry will capitalize on the expertise of our church member Chris Zaino, a physical therapist with pediatric specialty.

As we lead up to the Blessed Family Conference in March, our church TIBC is blessed to have resident experts to share their knowledge with the community.

TIBC to host annual Blessed Family Conference March 20-22, 2015

Marriage and Family Conference to be held March 20-22, 2015 at TIBC. The conference is open to everyone and will cater to college students, parents of American born Chinese or parents with immigrating children, intercultural marriages, and visiting scholars.

Topics will include What the Bible Says About Dating, Intercultural Marriage, Preparing for a Baby, Parenthood to In-Laws, Rebellion to Grown-Up, and more. Each workshop will be 70 minutes long, to allow plenty of time for questions & answers.

The program will have a general session and keynote speaker on Friday night. Special guest speakers will be Bo and Patsy Holland of Mission Point Ministry. There will be small group sessions on Saturday, running from 9:00-4:00. Lunch will be provided and the registration fee is tentatively set for 15$.