Monthly Archives: March 2015

Highlights from Business Meeting 3/29/15-Baptisms, Sunday Mandarin Morning Service, Phase 2 Building Expansion

Pastor Ted shared some words of encouragement from 1 Timothy. Encouraging was the report that we had an increase in 3 members last quarter. We will also have a baptism and new member next week for Easter during the new time Mandarin worship. We also updated the Leadership Team designations to accommodate for the growth and full-time Sunday Mandarin service. There will still be a 4:30pm Mandarin Bible Hour on the second Sunday of the month. The membership voted to approve preliminary plans to start a Phase 2 Building Expansion fund. A new board of trustees was elected, and next business meeting will be May 17, 2015.

Easter Baptism on Sunday April 5th

Easter Sunday at 1130, it will be baptism Sunday, and Mandarin Service will have it’s first baptism. Come and rejoice with us as we celebrate. Also note the Mandarin service new time change.

New Sunday Time Format:
10:00 – 11:15 : English Worship and Mandarin Chinese Bible Study
11:15 – 11:30 : Fellowship and Snack Break
11:30 – 12:45 : Mandarin Worship and English Bible Study

“In-Laws or OutLaws?” Sermon today concluding ‘Blessed Family Conference Weekend’

Pastor Ted is sharing a great message titled “In-Laws or OutLaws,” comparing the sometimes interesting dynamic between couples and their in-laws, especially in intercultural relationships. TIBC is home to several intercultural marriages and relationships, and is looking forward to hosting next year’s Blessed Family Conference in 2016 March 18-19. TIBC’s GospelStreet Boys shared another song, of which the audio will be posted in our YouTube channel. This message is also presented in Mandarin, and starting April 4th, TIBC will offer Mandarin Chinese morning worship service simultaneous with English Sunday Service. For the updated schedule click on the link above.

Dating and Relationships Event From “Blessed Family Conference”

The dating and relationships workshop event had a great turnout, we hope to see you next year as we expand the “blessed family and marriage conference.”

Next year’s blessed family conference is scheduled for March 18-19, 2016. Advanced registration discount is available until March 1. We are limiting registration to 100 attendees as we accommodate out of town registrants, plan for meals, etc. 

TIBC Praise – Lord I Need You

GospelStreet Boys are back at TIBC these next four weeks sharing some of their favorite songs. This week they shared their cover of Lord I Need You.

If you missed it, there’s a clip that will be posted here shortly, but come next week and hear it live, come join us at 10am on Sundays. Those of you that want to hear it again, this live recording is for you.