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Banquet on Sat. 12/12/15

“Love Never Ends Dinner Banquet” honoring Children of Promise : Xiamen, hosted and sponsored at TIBC Saturday December 12th, 2015 at 5pm. Christopher and Siu Yuk Zaino will be in attendance to share their stories, vision, and ministry of children with disabilities in China.

All are welcome, Reservations Required.

All Gross Proceeds go to the Children of Promise organization, meaning 100% of funds taken in goes directly to the Children and Families of Disability in Xiamen, China. No funds taken are used to offset costs of the banquet, all proceeds go directly to Children of Promise. Monetary gifts are Tax Deductible. If you are unable to attend but would like to contribute to “Children of Promise,” donate using the button below.

RSVP with contact form below-

unnamed-5 1333524959-97 IMG_0449If you would like more information about “Children of Promise,” visit their website.


Amazing how God leads Us and brings Friends into our midst

Two years ago on this day, God brought a dear friend into my midst, I just didn’t realize it as of yet. A guest trio was in town to lead our Mandarin service in singing, and I was on camera duty that day (for TIBC’s online video YouTube channel). As I was mic’ing up the group, there was a smiling face. In this trio, stood a boy with a God-given voice, and leadership qualities. Since that time, he has grown in faith, and God has blessed him with his Eve, named Elaine. A year after this firsts encounter, William and I would cross paths again, when a job transfer would lead him to relocate to Tulsa. Two years ago, I too was still a single man. Today, our wives Cassie and Elaine are close friends, and I and William the same. I struggled leading worship alone. So God brought me not only William but also Leon (a story for another day) as friends for a lifetime. We currently have the opportunity to head the formation of TIBC Praise and Worship team, together. God gave Adam a helper named Eve, and that same loving God knew this struggling worship leader needed help, bringing a William and a Leon. Two years ago this day, William and I were single boys, meeting for the first time. Today, we stand together as part of God’s Team to revitalize NEW TIBC.  Pray for us and follow our journey here.  ~ Jason

Attached are two videos: one the aforementioned day, and the second, Leon, William and I sharing one of our worship favorites.


TIBC to Modernize Sunday Praise and Worship Service – We Need Your Help

TIBC Praise Band is looking to go Full-Time in March 2016 – but we need your help – join us, support us, praise and worship with us!

  1. Join Us – We are looking for God serving male and female musicians, singers, songwriters to lead the church on Sundays in English and Mandarin Chinese!
  2. Support Us – None of us are trained musicians, so we are committing to improving and exercising the God-given gifts we have, even if some of us have a smaller gift than others, we are all going to improve together. Support us financially, through prayer, and written encouragement.
  3. Come As You Are, and praise and worship with us every Sunday Morning in 2016.