TIBC Starts ‘Building Renovation’ and FundRaising Campaign

TIBC has started the refurbishment of the existing building and the fund allocation and raising for renovations and expansions. The need for building refurbishment has come upon us as our building has deteriorated in certain areas. There is also a need for more classrooms, children’s rooms, and an office for new Associate Pastor Eddie. TIBC has started the fundraising campaign to raise funds for future expansion. Also, the exterior building refurbishment has started and will be completed by this fall. Any questions regarding this can be directed to Pastor Ted Lam.

One thought on “TIBC Starts ‘Building Renovation’ and FundRaising Campaign

  1. Hello there,
    I have sent several e-mails to Pastor Ted (pastortedlam@gmail.com) and no response
    please advise if he has changed his mail address.

    Thank you.

    Brother Ted

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