Children of Promise – FundRaising Banquet – Dec 12, 2015

The banquet was a success, raising over $3500 for the Children of Promise in Xiamen, China.
Thank You for All Your Support

“Love Never Ends Dinner Banquet” honoring Children of Promise : Xiamen, hosted and sponsored at TIBC Saturday December 12th, 2015 at 5pm. Christopher and Siu Yuk Zaino will be in attendance to share their stories, vision, and ministry of children with disabilities in China.

All are welcome, Reservations Required.

All Gross Proceeds go to the Children of Promise organization, meaning 100% of funds taken in goes directly to the Children and Families of Disability in Xiamen, China. No funds taken are used to offset costs of the banquet, all proceeds go directly to Children of Promise. Monetary gifts are Tax Deductible. If you are unable to attend but would like to contribute to “Children of Promise,” donate using the button below.

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unnamed-5 1333524959-97 IMG_0449If you would like more information about “Children of Promise,” visit their website.